Sixto Cordero

Sixto Cordero

Los Angeles, CA, US



This section represents a collection of some side projects and the more experimental self motivated part of my practice which include:
-“Bubbles”- is part of a series of artworks exploring the potentials of dichroic materials in rendering.
- Generative Lamp 1&2- these are two examples of a script for surface fragmentation. While only the renders are shown, these two were 3d printed work as small night lamps.
- Responsive Expansion- Part of a research paper developed with my colleague Austin Smith for the 2013 Acadia Conference. The topic of the research was the potential of a wood veneer composite as deployable self supporting structures activated by moisture.
- Boston Play-day Installation- This was a participatory installation for the Lawn of D, while the project was accepted I was not able to manufacture it.
- Explorations of Surface 1&2- the result of early scripts written for surface discretization.
- Hybrid Cutlery- All hybrids of a fork, a spoon and a knife, blended into each other. The main distinction in the set of three is the dominance of a particular tool.
- Explorations in Geometric Growth- this is a result of early explorations of feedback loops and how they relate to growth of systems
- Script for Puzzle Discretization- a script that transforms any surface into a series of discretized nodes (for 3d printing) and segments to be cut to length 
- Tea Table- This short table is designed surrounding rule-sets of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, its underside is carved to replicate the simulation of crumbling fabric 
- Fiberglass Parasite Pavilion for MIT- a conceptual pavilion that spans between two buildings at MIT improving connectivity and generating social space.
- Origami Installation- an installation for the Museum of Contemporary Art of Puerto Rico composed of over 5,000 origami modules.

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Status: School Project
Location: Multiple Locations
My Role: Designer and/or Fabricator