Sixto Cordero

Sixto Cordero

Los Angeles, CA, US



Rather than a specific shape, this project generated a formwork for discretization that is capable of describing any particular doubly curved surface with a multilayer paneling tensile system. Although partially successful, this installation represented a keystone in my understanding of both parametric and customization and the benefits and disadvantages of both.
This piece was constructed with over 1500 completely unique pieces which were CNCed out of more than 30 sheets of PVC. This represented many challenges, which included hand sanding all of the pieces and indexing them all as they were being cut. The biggest impediment however was the low quality of the sourced PVC which limited the construction to only half of the initially designed piece.
Regardless through this project I understood the hardships that come with customization of components. 
No single unit was the same as shown in the diagram of all pieces overlaid on top of one another. This meant the surface was discretized in a very high resolution. However this also presented a very labor intensive post processing process and implied that if a component broke or was missing it had to be recut entirely. There are definitely methods of making that work well through parametrized discretization but this project gave me an appreciation and a critical understanding of these. This project was a  partial success in terms of its realization and a complete success on its pedagogical significance to myself. 

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Status: Built
Location: San Juan, PR, US
My Role: Designer, Fabricator
Additional Credits: Carlos Perez