Sixto Cordero

Sixto Cordero

Los Angeles, CA, US


Casa a

Casa A is an architectural transformer articulated across a range of climates and conditions as an interplay of color, light, texture, and atmospheric conditions, a formulation of future dwelling. The project exemplifies two parallel veins of design research. The first, an exercise in aggregating structural systems and modular enclosures, the second a generator of material climates.

Casa A demonstrates its versatility by offering a structural framework on which different materials related to both warm and cold climates can be plugged in. Its interchangeable panels can be sampled and mixed, generating a wide range of environmental and atmospheric conditions enabling it to be assembled anywhere around the globe. 

Casa A moves. As a series of elevated bays with embedded motion control, the system expands and contracts, opens and closes according to its environment. The result is a highly versatile refuge that uses spatial flexibility and movement to generate the widest possible range of tectonic and atmospheric adaptability.

Casa A, imagines new formats of flexible housing. Operating on its own, or tethered to existing constructions, the house motivates experimentation in the conventions of construction and materiality, generating a playful synthesis of standard and custom design systems instrumental to a new adaptable architecture.

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: SelgasCano + helloeverything