Sixto Cordero

Sixto Cordero

Los Angeles, CA, US


Fish Pier

Built in 1913, the Boston Fish Pier was at one point the largest fishing pier in the United States. Today, all that remains are the two long buildings and the auction house. In 1972, The MPA took control of the Pier. A feasibility identified surplus space on the Pier no longer needed for fishing-related uses. The surplus space was slated to go through rehabilitation for offices. However this situation and the location of the fish pier site presented an opportunity for public space that could integrate the fishing industry Boston itself is known for as a feature of attraction. 

The idea of sustainable seafood demands innovation in architecture—with new urban venues that engage the public in fishing activities and ocean education.  In order to integrate these ideas this project explores how the deconstruction of a building can become a creative social tool that generates spaces for collective gathering and public engagement. Expanding the existing structural grid and eroding half of the terrain of the pier, this project explores the continual downsizing of the industrial space of the Boston Fish Pier until its physical space matches its economical capabilities.

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Status: School Project
Location: Boston, MA, US
My Role: Designer