Sixto Cordero

Sixto Cordero

Los Angeles, CA, US



How would you build a conversation? Inhabit a relationship? Could you crawl inside? Take refuge in its structure? How would it materialize? Engulf the venue from the inside out and explore the formal possibilities of our  interactions. What shape do our relationships take?    

The focus of recent research into self-organizational systems within architecture overwhelmingly emphasizes the formal and geometric qualities of complex material systems. The work, is bound to extrinsic geometric qualities, and as such hinders its own scaling out of the microscopic domain into that of people and cities. LOADING argues self-organization is a generated within a social and cultural milieu. 

LOADING is a endlessly reconfigurable crowd-sourced installation composed of 500 foam units. Presented as stacks with no instruction, the space produced by the interaction of passersby is an index to the latent social flows, and cues of behavioral interaction. Through the simple basis of compounding aggregation, the project explores forms relation to indeterminate social fields. Loading was a collaboration product of a collective once directed by Austin Smith and myself  Team- (Luisel Zayas, Enas Alkhudairy, Rachel Himmelfarb)

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Status: Built
Location: Cambridge, MA, US
My Role: Designer, Fabricator
Additional Credits: Austin Smith, Luisel Zayas, Enas Alkhudairy, Rachel Himmelfarb