Cahyo Candrawan

Cahyo Candrawan

Saint Louis, MO, US


XL TIM furniture

XL: T.I.M (aka. Cross Lifestyle: Technologically Interfaced Module) is a design project brought by a group of graduate students of architecture at Washington University in St. Louis under Professor Sung Ho Kim, studying in modern social interaction with furniture. With the progression beyond the industrial revolution craftsmanship has been given a back seat to mass production and mass availability. Our culture has adapted and accepted mass production because of our demands relegated by technological advances: we want everything faster, easier and more efficient.
The goal of XL-T.I.M. is to question the hybridization our “bigger, faster, stronger” culture with craftsmanship, giving the user everything they need from the time they open the door to when they sleep and night, all in one integral piece of furniture.

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Status: Built
Location: Saint Louis, MO, US