Cahyo Candrawan

Cahyo Candrawan

Saint Louis, MO, US


Musholla Al Izzah

Musholla is a term for muslim’s communal place of worship which size is smaller than mosque. Through this project, I tried to evoke concepts of Arabesque ornamentation using PVC pipes configuration as secondary skin and facade of the building. The traditional elements such as curved or arched fenestrations, and minarets with Arabesque basic forms are disappeared. The only uniting element within the mosque is the Mihrab (Imam’s prayer area), which directs the congregants towards the Ka’bah.
This construction lays on a rooftop and sandwiched in between four stories existing building. Without all the conventional arabesque decoration and ornamentation, Musholla Al Izzah appears as a humble figure. During the day, the unique facade of the building become an accent with its lightness and at night the porous skin become a beacon to the local surrounding. 

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Status: Built
Location: Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia