Cahyo Candrawan

Cahyo Candrawan

Saint Louis, MO, US


Purwanto Residence

I was asked by a young couple to create a habitable space in this dense neighborhood slightly outskirt of Jakarta. The couple with their toddler child will live with one maid in this house. The couple, both of them are employees and work together in the same company, wish to have enough space and also a courtyard for their child to play. I took this as an opportunity to consider a prototypical suburban house, by way of radically altering its generic predecessor.
Jakarta is one of the most densest city in the world  where green open space and playground has become a luxury for its citizen. Traffic jam has become daily routine, so it is very understanable when my client asked me to spare enough courtyard space as their room to breath. I decided to locate the inner courtyard on the east side so the inhabitants will get fresh air and sunray from the sun every morning. This courtyard also become a buffer space from the public area from an alley next to the site.
Contrary to the generic typical residential layout, I proposed to locate service area and maid quarter on the front side of the house. This way, the house owner can get maximum privacy from the street but still they can rely on the maid for surveillance function in maintaining security of the house.

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Status: Built
Location: Jakarta, ID