Cahyo Candrawan

Cahyo Candrawan

Saint Louis, MO, US


Student Cafetaria

The cafetaria is situated between three academic building of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. The building position creates a junction point between the three building and visitors’ flow from parking area. It also make, what was once a back-alley has now been transformed into an active space, particularly with an amphiteater to the west of the canteen. Most of the material used in this building is of wood or stone.
The consistent use of wood doesn’t only give a warm and light-weight impression but tectonically also offers many interesting architectural details visible in the construction of the two-level building as well as in the complementing elements such as the light covers. The openness at the ground level of the building was made to give impression of a traditionally tilted structure. The structural columns and beams are contrasted against white panel in the upper level to make skeletal expression of the building. This composition of light and transparent building with solid panel and stone wall create “the essence of Behind Bushes” is ‘visible yet invisible’, ‘open yet enclosed’ 

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Status: Built
Location: Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta - Indonesia