Heather Ring

Heather Ring

London, GB



Founder and Creative director of Wayward Plants, a London-based landscape practice - a collective of designers, artists and urban growers that create spaces of exchange for plants, collecting stories and bringing together communities. Senior Editor of Archinect since 2005.


Heather's Featured Articles on Archinect

Sukkah City, Fri, Sep 17 '10

The shortlist of the Sukkah City Competition has just been announced, and in the next week, twelve structures will be built in Union Square Park in New York City, and subjected to a public vote. The competition invites architects to design a small structure based on the "parametric rules" of a ...

Sukkah City

2010 Venice Biennale Field Notes, Mon, Sep 13 '10

Just a few days ago, Archinect's Heather Ring was in Venice, Italy to report live from the Venice Biennale in a series of blog posts. In case you have missed these or simply couldn't remember where to find them again, worry not, we compiled all of Heather's Venice Field Notes for you with a neat ...

2010 Venice Biennale Field Notes

Alison Moffett, Tue, Jan 19 '10

From modernist icons to makeshift housing, Alison Moffett's incredible large-scale drawings share an architectural melancholy, exploring themes of contamination and entropy, idealized structures intersecting with the base elements of shelter. Archinect stopped by the studio of this London-based ...

Alison Moffett

The Dignity of Plants, Mon, Mar 23 '09

“If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.” -- Jack Handey

The Dignity of Plants

Office/MA: Black Urbanism, Mon, Sep 22 '08

Rarely do we allow much thought to seemingly generic labels such as "urban." Outside the cloistered world of architecture, "urban" has become a synonym for "Black and Latino" where it is used to describe things from fashion to music . Facing this reality is the explicit purview of The Office for ...

Office/MA: Black Urbanism

Markus Miessen on Participation, Sun, May 4 '08

There's a lot of talk about freedom of speech, but much less about the right to be heard. Sometimes it seems like no matter how loud you scream, pound your fists and stomp your feet, protest efforts seem futile and institutional walls impenetrable. This is what drew me to the book, Did Someone ...

Markus Miessen on Participation

Nils Norman: Undercover, Wed, Sep 19 '07

Archinect is here to out Nils Norman : he is not what he first seems! The London-based artist has gone undercover, infiltrating the fields of architecture and urban planning, to subvert the ways we approach our cities.

Nils Norman: Undercover
David Buckland: Cape Farewell
Fritz Haeg: Small Revolutions

Architecture's Second Life, Tue, Jan 9 '07

Architecture's Second Life

D.I.R.T. Studio, Mon, Oct 2 '06

I like to think that Julie Bargmann fights the good fight. She grew up cruising through the New Jersey Turnpike, under powerlines, past the oil refineries and through America's dumping ground, The Meadowlands. Now she dedicates her research and practice, D.I.R.T. (Dump It Right There) Studio, to ...

D.I.R.T. Studio

UpStarts: NIPpaysage, Mon, May 1 '06

The one thing you will not find in school--or even on Architecture Registration Exams--is a course on how to get work, yet it is one of the most basic needs of any design practice. In fact, if you don't have an equal ability to experiment in getting work as you do in doing work you would be ...

UpStarts: NIPpaysage


Wayward, Creative Director

Creating imaginative responses, facilitating social exchanges and community co-design processes for derelict sites, interim spaces and underutilized land.

Jan 2006 - current

Gustafson Porter + Bowman, Landscape Architect

Mar 2008 - Dec 2009

Martha Schwartz Partners, Landscape Architect

Aug 2005 - Feb 2008


University of Pennsylvania, Masters, Landscape Architecture

Sep 2002 - May 2005

University of Michigan, Bachelors, History of Art

Sep 1996 - May 2000