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    By wakwak
    Oct 9, '11 2:37 AM EST

    Nekomimi (猫耳) means Cat ears. New from Neurowear: Wearable cat ears that react to human brainwaves, perking up and wiggling around in tune with the wearer’s current emotional state.

    Is this creepy or what?



    Ryuichi Sakamoto wears Nekomimi (By the way, his T-shirts are cool! It says "テクノ" (Techno). Sure he is the first guy who brought techno music to Japan in 70')


    • I wonder what's next in their product line. Wagging tails?? - Does the video say?

      Oct 10, 11 2:32 am  · 

      Seriously, wagging tails are their next products. Good guess!

      Oct 10, 11 2:39 am  · 

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