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    House na by Sou Fujimoto

    By wakwak
    Jan 20, '12 12:49 PM EST

    Casa's first issue of the year cover photo is House na by Sou Fujimoto. Look at this complete transparent glass house!   Sou Fujimoto says "In one way the house is like a single space, but each room is also a tiny space of its own. The clients said they wanted to live like nomads within the house - they didn't have specific plans for each room. The house looks radical but for the clients it seemed quite natural."





    via Casa Brutas, metalocus


    • really like the cubic/pixellated nature but so transparent and light. wonder if the windows are some sort of fancy triple pane insulated glazing, given all the thermal exposure?

      Jan 20, 12 8:21 pm  · 

      I was looking for some article writing about the windows, but I could not find any...  All I found is "With House N, the outer shell cuts 70 per cent of the direct sunlight so that has an effect."  It must be multi pane windows, hopefully.

      Jan 22, 12 8:14 pm  · 

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