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    iPhone case

    By wakwak
    Oct 27, '11 5:33 PM EST

    sorry, I can not resist posting about it...  if you have been to Japan at least once (or Koraku, Los Angeles Downtown), you had noticed the fake wax food samples at restaurants, right?


    And, also have you noticed that Japanese LOVE to decorate their cell phones? Although you can even see those bling-bling phone in the US lately, I still think it's ridiculous.


    Then I found these iPhone cases, awesome mixture of Japanese culture /food and craftsmanship. Japanese are beyond ridiculous. They always like "over-the-top" or you could say, Japanese are "keeping it real".   

    Matsutake mushroom

    Oden (fish cake hot pot)

    Eel rice bowl

    via Strapya   you can see more iPhone cases from here :)


    あまりにふざけた商品だったので、つい。ってか、携帯使いにくいだろ!しかも秋冬専用だよね。おでん夏に見たら暑いし。(そういう問題じゃない) いや、でも正直こういうもの作っちゃう日本の人たち素晴らしい!だって、これ採算度外視じゃ・・・売ろうというよりも、職人技見せたいってほうが強そうだ。

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