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    R.I.P Mr. Sori Yanagi

    By wakwak
    Dec 25, '11 9:30 PM EST

    The Japanese product designer Sori Yanagi died at the age of 96 on Christmas day,2011.

    He had received a gold medal at the 1957 Milan Triennale for his Butterfly Stool and White Porcelain Teapot.

    In 1954, Yanagi designed the famous Butterfly Stool, which consists of two curved-shaped plywood elements, which are held together by a metal rod. In his sweeping, almost delicate form it recalls not only a butterfly, but also to a Japanese character. In the same year was also the Elephant Stool is also a simple but beautifully shaped stools made of fiberglass reinforced polyester resin. Both seats were originally manufactured by the Japanese company Tendo Mokko, nowadays, the stool produced by Vitra. In 1964, the Butterfly Stool by Sori Yanagi and other works at the documenta III in Kassel in the Department of Industrial Design was issued. 1960 to 1961 was Sori Yanagi for two semesters a guest lecturer at the National Art School in Kassel. (Wikipedia)


    Personally, I always think the Butterfly Stool is the best product designed by Japanese designer. I remember that I had to give a short presentation on a topic of any chair when I was in interior design school, and I chose the Butterfly Stool. I know there are many great product designers in Japan now, however I believe he is the first internationally acknowledged Japanese product designer. His designs are always simple beauty yet very functional. His beautiful designs can be seen and purchased from here.

    R.I.P. Mr. Sori Yanagi.


    デザイナーの柳 宗理さんがお亡くなりになったそうです。この方のデザインすごく好きです。日本の伝統工芸の影響を大いに取り入れながら、それでいてとてもモダン。シンプルなデザインはきっと誰もが虜になってしまうのでは。そんなこと言ってみても実は私はひとーつも持ってないんですけどね。でも、もちろん欲しいです!!!私が初めて柳宗理さんの名を知ったのはやはりバタフライスツール。あの美しすぎるフォルムにうっとりします。いつか欲しいです。素敵なデザインを産み出してくれてありがとうございます。どうか安らかに・・・・



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    • ElGrecus

      I've owned and loved the butterfly stool since 1996. My little kids love it too. RIP Yanagi-san.

      Jan 2, 12 1:36 pm  · 

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