kaori walter

kaori walter

Los Angeles, CA, US



I was born and raised in Japan. (Matsuyama, Shikoku)
Studied Interior design @ FIDM, Los Angeles.
Living in Los Angeles with my lovely husband, Alexander.


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Tadao Ando Interview: 20 Minutes with a Master, Mon, Apr 23 '12

I can easily point to Tadao Ando's work as one of my earliest sources of inspiration, pulling me toward a life embedded in architecture. The powerful simplicity of his forms has always seemed to me, to represent an understanding far greater than that of the built environment alone. A few weeks ...

Tadao Ando Interview: 20 Minutes with a Master


Belly Sesame, Los Angeles, CA, US, Co-Founder, Head Designer

Jan 2013 - current

Tiny Modernism, Los Angeles, CA, US, Co-Founder

Jan 2013 - current

M. Okamoto & Associates (MOA), Interior Designer

Oct 2005 - current


Oct 2003 - Jun 2006

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