London, GB


Westbourne Gardens

An ambitious internal refurb of a first floor apartment in Westbourne Gardens. The flat itself is small (less than a new 1-bedroom apartment according to new housing rules) but with generous ceiling heights and a strong sense of its grand past.

The proposal seeks to retain this sense of space and grandeur by retaining the existing ceiling heights and allowing a reading of the entire space as one. Three new and distinct elements are added to the existing space - a small and compact kitchen, a stone-clad, marble-lined bathroom and bedroom wardrobes formed in a deep cherry-wood veneer.

These elements form a highly-considered three-dimensional composition of forms that retain the generosity of the main space at the front of the flat but still allows all of the new elements required for use as a contemporary living space.

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Status: Built
Location: London, GB
Additional Credits: Photos by Megan Taylor