Nicholas Mattia

Nicholas Mattia

Chicago, IL, US


Vertical Community

A Proposal for a Multigenerational Tower

Currently, the majority of residential options are typically marketed towards one generational demographic only – whether it be millennials, young families, or the elderly – which can lead to issues regarding isolation, boredom, connectivity, and money. But what about the rising amount of multigenerational households and families – how are their needs met in an urban setting? This proposal asserts that the demand for urban residential options accommodating multigenerational households is currently an underdeveloped sector in the market and provides a design to attract these families.

This arrangement allows for families to live in the same unit, separate but adjacent units, or even separate units on separate floors – it all depends on the family’s financial needs and individual preferences. 

The exterior units provide a more communally driven mindset and the interior ones offer less densely structured, less noisy, and more traditional options. With this setup, there are two clear divisions – private and social.

Modularity is used to create as many different spatial organizations within the tower. The arrangement of each individual corridor allows for even more degrees of privacy and subsequently more unique spaces throughout the tower as a whole, addressing concerns of generic aesthetics. No two floors would look the same, allowing for varying degrees of program as well.

Ultimately this proposal aims to attract multigenerational families through its varying degrees of privacy in both residential and public spaces, with amenities tailored to all occupying demographics. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US