Nicholas Mattia

Nicholas Mattia

Chicago, IL, US


The Secret Life of Furniture


This project involved the creation of a two legged table. The form of this piece of furniture was influenced in part by the site - surrounding a rectangular pillar extruded from the wall. The table has two levels and is rounded, to contrast the rectilinear site.

The two legs are also influenced by the form of the table. They have similar profiles, in attempt to achieve the appearance that the smaller leg has been “smushed” in order to accommodate the lowered level. 

The paint is also angled against the table’s angle to seemingly mirror the angle of the table on the legs. 


This project involved creating a piece of furniture that is site-specific. For this particular project, the piece was heavily influenced by the site, since it is made from the materials of an installation that previously occupied the space - this installation being the Pliable Plane. 

The idea began with a “column koozie” - a wrap for the column that transforms the column into something new. All the materials were recovered from The Pliable Plane and re-purposed for this project. The fabric was re-stitched together, cut against the original seem lines into squares, and finally sewn together to create a long “sleeve” for the padded “sausages” to occupy.

The final digital graphic image explores the different forms that are possible when the Koozie exists on other columns and is therefore influenced by different surroundings. Essentially, this project is a reconceptualization and re-appropriation of The Pliable Plane.

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Lead Designer and Fabricator - team of two