Nicholas Mattia

Nicholas Mattia

Chicago, IL, US


Chicago Stair

This project began with visiting and documenting a Chicago staircase – the ramp staircase in the IIT Student Center. Key components of its design were extracted to manipulate its form. 

Then, an object was introduced to create an event: the object being the traffic cone. Then a scenario was created that incorporated the object into the staircase design. The event was an art gallery on a staircase in which the traffic cone would play a crucial role. In order to accommodate this event, another modification was made to the staircase - this modification generated a staircase that is basically a ramp, yet still technically a stair.

Next, involved developing a field of stairs. To do this, three variations of the previously modified staircase were created by changing one attribute of the stair. These next modifications explored bending the staircase in different ways. Using a sequence of vectors in a grid, an organic site was created, on which a sequence of staircases was subsequently placed and oriented.

Finally, this project evolved into a building with a program – in this case, a (unique) art gallery. A building shape was developed from a basic square, then 2local adjustments were made to the field to create singular paths throughout the entire building – where one winding staircase arrived at the floor above, another equally circuitous staircase began.

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Status: School Project
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Sole creator and contributor