Nicholas Mattia

Nicholas Mattia

Chicago, IL, US


Pipe Dream

Overpopulation, homelessness, natural disasters. These are realities that architects are facing when designing now and for the future. In recent years, tiny homes have proven to be a positive solution for communities facing challenges such as population growth in urban areas, addressing homelessness, climate change and other natural disasters, and environmental degradation.

What constitutes ‘home’ and how that can be condensed into tiny, livable space?

*Proposals should consider this a one-person dwelling and ideally include living space, sleeping space, a kitchen, and bathroom. Additionally, a few ‘nice to have elements’ would be the use of tile and an outdoor living space.

The Straightforward Approach

By utilizing the schematic drawings, this design emphasizes “uses” through systems capable of more than one function. In doing so, this design accommodates the user without subjugating him to uncomfortable positions or lack of necessities. 

The Off-Set Approach

By offsetting the two pipes, exterior space is defined while creating distinct interior rooms. Interior spaces are all multi-functional, to make the most out of the limited square footage. The house’s form lends itself to a modular composition that produces pockets space, creating a formal language that could extend into a neighborhood.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chicago, IL, US
My Role: Team Collaboration - Specific contributions: concept design, renderings, graphics, presentation
Additional Credits: Jacqueline Buckley, Jasen Domanico