Nenad Stjepanovic

Nenad Stjepanovic

New York, NY, US



Floor slabs metaphorically represent domino effect of the collapse. Syntactically, floor system is structurally independent from other parts (skin and elevator core). The standing poise of layering suggests indefinetness and perepetitious system which is only respresentation of one instance of the moment

Elevator core, as well as, the steel curtain, is identical to original building design. It is made from recycled crushed concrete partical part
recovered from the site

Skin form evokes aura of historical past, recent and more distant. Its I steel segments are made of reused, smelted scarp metal that remained after the collapse at the gorund zero. In essence, the iconic obect is transposed memetically to establich critical connection between two infinite points, past and future in present cultural terms. The steel skin provides maximum transparency without impinging on rhetorical linkage and anixiety of loss.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: New York, NY, US