Nenad Stjepanovic

Nenad Stjepanovic

New York, NY, US


TKTS booth

 Excepti onally diffi cult task was presented in development of mechanical connecti ons between glass elements, especially beams. It was necessary to provide estheti cally non-obtrusive detail that was functional and conforming to the static analysis. My primary goal was the investi gati on of several lateral support details (see image above) which had to serve a double function: support the front glass elements and provide lateral support. Each beam (shown above) had a different size and geometric parameters based on its location. All non-parallel beams had to be laid out in sections in order to ensure a proper load distribution and bending. Every (initi ally 12 foot segments) beam was broken up into several segments comprised of three glass layers. Depending on the location of a section, details of the mechanical connecti on were diff erent at each point of the distributi on. In addition, I was responsible for the development of the form of the inner shell, which contains a ti cket office. I was also in constant contact with the engineering team who provided me with feedback and comments. Main challenge and achievement were to construct appropriate details that were feasible enough for the manufacturing while maintaining esthetic goals of the original proposal.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US