Nenad Stjepanovic

Nenad Stjepanovic

New York, NY, US


Novartis AG

• Team : Gehry Partners, LLP, Partner In Charge: Frank Gehry, Design Partner:
Edwin Chan, Project Partner: Terry Bell, Project Manager /Architects: Kamran
Ardalan, Herwig Baumgartner Principal Project Team: Sven Neumann, Patricia Eva
Schneider, Nenad Stjepanovic, Ron Tannenbaum
• Location. Novartis, Basel
• Client. Novartis Pharma AG
• Size/Scope. 1,826 square meters
• Floor area: 19,500 square meters


A team member involved in producing schemati c models and plans. Further, as a member of a team I have worked on the fi nal presentati on model. It was essenti al to collaborate closely with colleagues to ensure smooth communicati on among diff erent team members.

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Status: Built