Nenad Stjepanovic

Nenad Stjepanovic

New York, NY, US


IIS Diabetes Clinic Lusail

Following in the steps of the latest technological advances and psychological discoveries in patient treatment we have approached our design process form the patient experience. Basis of the design is holistic, and this can be interpreted from several aspects:

  • Optimal workfow
  • A calm and soothing environment in which care is provided
  • Efficiency laid out medical and non-medical spatial plans including efficient circulation pathways between different departments, in addition to linkages between public and medical spaces. From the lobby at the front of central core one can gradually transition to more private or semi-private spaces. These are quieter and secluded areas which interface 

with purely medical spaces, such as, outpatient department or ER. On the northern side pass the pharmacy café is located which acts as a converging space for public, 
families and staf. It allows for interaction and intimacy. This order is further developed by a proper stacking of the services at diferent levels.
Imaging department and laboratories are situated on the Mezzanine level allowing easy access and short travel distance for both inpatient and outpatient patients.
A patient who came for regular check-up can easily access all imagining facilities. Likewise, patients from inpatient ward at the second foor can easily access the same 
using back of the house vertical pathways. Inpatient department is located just below surgical block at the third foor. Above the level three plant room and mechanical 
space are placed for operational efciency and proper MEP provisions.

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Status: Built
Location: Doha Qatar
My Role: Senior Designer/Healthcare planner
Additional Credits: Srdjan Jovicic