Nenad Stjepanovic

Nenad Stjepanovic

New York, NY, US


200 Chambers Street

Along with the Partner I was directly responsible for laying out diff erent apartment organizati onal
schemes. Subsequently, I was responsible for coordinati ng plan drawings of each building level within a smaller architectural team and producing a fi nal design documentati on set. In the following constructi on documentation phase under the supervision of the associate partner, I have produced building’s secti on drawings and drawings of the verti cal core circulati on to ensure numerous code compliances. In additi on, I have produced detail drawings of the façade at the criti cal constructi onal points. I have coordinated drawing informati on between diff erent trades and att ended consultants’ meetings in order to resolve any outstanding issues between diff erent services and proposed plans. Throughout building constructi on I have conducted inspecti on and produced sketch drawings based on requests and opinions of engineers and the general contractor in order to ensure quality. I have analyze performance of the facade system in order to determine sati sfacti on of LEED prerequisites. Likewise, the sustainable systems of conservati on and energy reduction were studied and proposed.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US