Murali architects

Murali architects

Chennai, IN


Residence for Mr. Suresh and family at Blue Beach Road, Neelankarai, Chennai

A family with strong traditional belief and thoughts required the task for a equally ethnic house. With this starting notion the residence for Mr. Suresh and family was designed at Blue Beach Road, ECR, Chennai.
Lying on the outskirts of Chennai, the house harbors the sentiments of three women. A mother- daughter duo of bharatnatyam dancers and the fulfillment of the needs lead to the creation of a well designed traditional south Indian bungalow with relevance to the current day contemporary feel. The traditional form of an entrance gateway with thinnai on two sides, begins the ethnic feel of the house right at the entrance. The continuity of this feel accentuated by the use of rustic granite and rough traditional flooring. This leads to the main entry of the house. This is planted on both the sides and highlighted with a pebble mesh.
A long walkway was another feature which was evolved as a requirement of the eldest women of the house, the elder mom who loved to walks around the space. The walkway with bamboo clusters on both the sides and bamboo pergola above create an inviting feel all leading to the main door of the house.
Multilevel planning of the spaces creates exciting feel indoors. There are a series of courtyards placed at different levels. Each of these courts allows the user to be part of nature even when indoors. The flow of spaces and merging of the indoor and outdoor elements are highlighted using glass partitions, etc. a wooden bridge, glass pavilion of the pooja room are some of the exciting interior aspects of the house.

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Status: Built