Murali architects

Murali architects

Chennai, IN



This building located in a small urban property at the heart of Raja annamalaipuram is an effort to give the hospital building a urban façade with the integration of landscape at various levels.
The building has integrated an inviting landscape with a small plaza in the front for patients and children. The building is a functional one with greater sense of detailing given to medical and research activities.
Aluminium composite panels, plastered walls and glass surfaces merges with each other bringing texture and lightness to the spaces creating its own terrain a veritable oasis, within its inscribed territory. The crisp and clear planes of the exterior are being articulated by these finishes. All operation theatres have large glass panels to see the large trees on the outside.
A pattern of architectural elements has been used which creates an interest in the side and rear façade and also acts as the service ducts.
The outpatient area opens out into an inviting landscape with a poetic waterscape cherishing the patients and the visitors. Conscious demarcation among the floors has been created by varying the floor patterns at each level.
The sterile areas at the first level and the inpatient area at the second level with the diagnostic spaces at the basement level gives a clear circulation pattern. The upper levels incorporates the landscape making the space dashing and errernescent.

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Status: Built
Location: Chennai, IN
Firm Role: Chief Architect