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Murali architects

Chennai, IN



CAN THE BRICKS BE CONSTRUCTED IN AN INCLINED MANNER ??? Can the bricks stay stable, inclined?. A search for newness with composite construction technique. Here It is!, An Ongoing site experimentation where brick walls and columns, together found a new dimension. This is a great step, coming out of the indigenous way and breaking into novelty. And all this was extremely new for us and challenging... There were times when making exposed concrete walls were difficult, But the Journey of striving towards newness made that easy and brought us here.
Here! Where we put ourselves in a situation of making brick walls in an inclined manner. These external inclined brick walls are put together with metal brackets wrapped with thin 4 inches thick "on-site poured concrete". And they run along at every 4 layers of the brick course around the inclined column.
This is a whole new chapter and a whole new attempt. We are enthralled yet anxious too !!!! ... Oh yes! let's wait for it!

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Coimbatore, IN