George Mock

George Mock

Truckee, CA, US


DWR: Steel & Rust Coffee Table

"Material was the inspiration behind the Steel & Rust Coffee Table. It started with a decay- ing square sheet of steel with four eye bolts attached to it located on a farmstead in east Boulder. After being cleaned up, it began the transformation from farm tool to coffee table. Using a high- pressure metal bender, it was folded into two tiers. The support legs, formed out of recycled tube steel, were also bent as one intact piece before being welded onto the table. The table top was applied a wax to prevent any rust from rubbing off while retaining the vibrance of its color. Its legs were polished to silver for contrast and had an anti-rusting agent applied."

• Created a two tier coffee table using a large piece of scrap metal and other recycled parts.
• Worked with heavy industrial machines to bend and shape the product into a functional work of art that compared similarly to the client’s preferences.
• Tested and applied alternative coating methods to yield a product with no toxicity or
petroleum based products.
• Honorable mention for most grounded.

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Status: Built
Location: Boulder, CO, US
My Role: Designer