George Mock

George Mock

Boulder, CO, US



I am a recent graduate from the University of Colorado, majoring in architecture. My design experience covers urban planning, landscape, small to large scale residential and commercial architecture, interior design, and custom fabrication projects. I specialize in sustainable building methods, green technology implementation, and passive building designs. I also have strong proficiencies in computer aided design, 3D visualization, graphic design, and web development.

My architecture philosophy is that every building must serve some good to the community. I care strongly for commercial and public projects such as hospitals, schools, libraries, museums, and so forth because of their direct impact on their surroundings. I also believe architecture projects should sets goals toward waste reduction, lower operating costs, and self-sustaining design to benefit the client and the environment. These two primary principals are my focus behind each project I work on to create lovable, long-lasting designs.



Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, Longmont, CO, US, Caretaker, Enclosure Designer

• Managed the distribution of medicine and care to sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife.
• Developed solutions to ease the daily tasks in the mammal department and adapted to all departments to assist with on-demand work loads throughout the day.
• Applied my collective knowledge of the center’s activities toward the maintenance and repair of the animal enclosures.
• Designed and manufactured a wooden enclosure that resolved the user complications with the center’s previous model.

Aug 2012 - Jun 2013

Structural Engineering for Architects Tutor, Boulder, CO, US, Private Tutor

• Instructed students on completing various load analyses for buildings in accordance with their coursework resulting in all students receiving an A- or higher standing in their class.
• Created customized lessons and study sheets that promoted students to learn the material on their own terms so they could preform independently with confidence.

Mar 2012 - May 2013

Tebo Development, Boulder, CO, US, Outreach Assistant

• Managed the safety of adults and children for Tebo’s community outreach activities on the Pearl Street Mall throughout the duration of the summer.
• Implemented and tested routes and schedules for the activities using customer feedback.

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011

Habitat for Humanity, Olympia, WA, US, ReStore Intern

• Organized and distributed recycled building materials, fixtures, and furniture across Washington state to benefit the revenue required for the company’s housing developments.
• Campaigned local businesses for donations and hosted fundraising events yielding in the most support generated from an intern to date.
• Recommended easily-implemented sustainable systems and building materials that could be applied to current and future housing projects.

Mar 2009 - Jun 2009


University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO, US, Bachelors, Environmental Design

Architecture specialization, 3.0 GPA.

Aug 2009 - May 2013

Areas of Specialization