George Mock

George Mock

Truckee, CA, US


Wildlife Enclosure

"After volunteering at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for a summer, I set out to improve upon the design of their squirrel cages. With my first-hand experience, I could drastically improve the functionality of the cages for the inhabitants and volunteers alike. The new design features a bottom door flap with a sliding platform tray for ease of cleaning. The central and top doors lock with magnets so only one free hand is necessary to use them. The wire windows let squirrels climb on them as well as allow for small branches to be lodged between two sides. Lastly, the exterior is curtained to protect the squirrels and let volunteers check in easily."

• Designed and manufactured a wooden enclosure that resolved the user complications with the center’s previous model.
• Made the design simplistic and constructed from easily-purchased materials so that it could be replicated by volunteers in the future.
• Tested the enclosure with live subjects to ensure its construction and design were competent with the initial standards set for the project.
• Most creative contribution.

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Status: Built
Location: Longmont, CO, US
My Role: Designer