Margherita Cesca

Margherita Cesca

Cambridge, GB


OLD HALL, Norfolk

WHAT THE CLIENT SAYS: “Last year we commissioned MCMM to redesign our family bathroom. The bathroom is a small space and traditional in its layout but it presented us with a dilemma. The challenge was so because our house is a XVI Century farmhouse, grade ll listed and thatched. We wanted a design that would be contemporary but in keeping with the character of the house. Challenges included low beams and material choice. The before and after photos speak for themselves and we are so pleased with the end result. MCMM transformed a dark and oppressive area into a light and practical space, which still fits with the age profile of the house. Throughout the whole project MCMM were attentive to every detail and always on hand to talk through any concerns. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Margherita and can definitely recommend MCMM for any design project”

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Status: Built
Location: Norfolk, GB
My Role: Project Architect