Margherita Cesca

Margherita Cesca

Cambridge, GB



WHAT THE CLIENT SAYS: “In December 2010, we contacted MCMM as we urgently needed our small loft area converted into two single bedrooms. Margherita Cesca visited our property and spoke to us in-depth regarding our needs for the small area we had available. She listened to what our requirements were and made several suggestions regarding the most efficient way of utilizing the space we had. Margherita explained the process in plain English, advised us regarding changes that would require planning permission and made several valuable suggestions regarding the layout of the rooms. Although our deadline was very tight, Margherita met them with ease, providing us with drawings which showed the most efficient at utilizing the space we had available. We were very impressed with Ms Cesca’s professionalism, commitment and knowledge. She gave us a lot of interesting ideas and always had a friendly, flexible approach. We were delighted with the end result and would have no hesitation in recommending MCMM wholeheartedly”

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Status: Built
Location: Ely, GB
My Role: Project Architect