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Porto, PT | Copenhagen, DK


Pinheiro Manso Apartments

The apartment is located in the center of Porto in an uncharacterized building. It was an obsolete fragmented 2 floor typology, with a series of small rooms, a basement with almost no light and and courtyard that was unused in its full potential. The intervention aimed to clarify the uses in each floor and to create living spaces in close connection with the outdoors.

Thus, in the first floor, although it’s the entrance level, all the bedrooms were placed, allowing the old basement to be free for the social spaces and creating a dialogue between interior and exterior. To connect the two floors, a blue wooden staircase was place, almost like a capsule, to mediate the two floors.

In the ground floor, the staircase becomes a modular wall of openable blue wooden panels, containing different functions: bathrooms, cabinetry, kitchen and eating area. To enhance the relation between interior and exterior it was conceived a winter garden beneath the balcony of the first floor. In the exterior, a playful game of benches, stairs and flowerbeds conciliates the two levels of the courtyard.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Porto, PT
Firm Role: Architects