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Aviapolis Urban Blocks

Aviapolis is a getaway from Finland to the world. 20 million passengers will pass through the bustling Helsinki-Vantaa air-traffic hub in 2020. The airport introduces a rich cultural exchange to Aviapolis and forms a junction where local life meets global flows. There are consequences for this richness, the airport’s air traffic generates a great amout of waste that degrades de local environment.

MASS Lab and Mandaworks proposal for the first development phase of Aviapolis enhances the area’s potential for hosting culture and lifestyle exchange, while addressing the environmental challenges through innovative circular and collective systems. Aviapolis can become a flagship project for circular economy and shared systems thinking.

The urban blocks embrace diversity, encouraging a combination of building heights, typologies, configurations and uses. The social atoms - the dense network of shared functions and activities - are framed by an exciting mix of work and housing typologies. The result is a textured community where residents can choose to live how they please, top floors of the buildings offer the benefit of city views, while lower units have the advantage of a private garden. Where the worls meets Finland a new vibrant and resilient city district will rise.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Vantaa, FI
Firm Role: Architects
Additional Credits: MandaWorks