Lyndon Julien-Sehl

Lyndon Julien-Sehl

Brooklyn, NY, US


Defragmenting Abuja

Defragmenting Abuja was an attempt to reconcile two often violently opposing forces in the capitol of Nigeria. Located within sight of both the primary mosque and the cathedral, this project creates a space of equality and community through the creation of spaces that work to strip the user of pretension.

The site is entered through narrow channels, the walls that enclose program and services rise up like topographic features, gradually dwarfing the pedestrian. Once within, community facilities and spaces for the expression of art, literature and culture are available to all. Pools provide a cooling calming effect, and the jagged, geologic forms of the buildings screen out the noise of the public market that uses the slopes around the perimeter of the site. The over all effect is one of a hidden refuge where all are welcome to come as they are and leave as a community.

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Status: School Project