Hangzhou, CN


Black and White Vessel

As designers, we hope that the office space is not a boring place, but a sustainable space composed of diversified scenes. This' black-and-white vessel 'is the office space we redefine for ourselves. On the black-and-white background, we assimilate the required auxiliary functions and partition walls, so as to show a perceptible sense of order and fluidity. After that, we superimposed freely convertible space scenes in the space, where new stories and visions of the future continue to grow.

The line+ Shanghai office is located in Noah Wealth Centre in Shanghai Hongqiao Business District. As the first stop out of Hangzhou, line+ aspires to create a space that integrates corporate exhibition, academic salon and comfortable office. While expanding business in new regions, the new office space will also establish a higher-quality corporate image.

The building of the Noah Wealth Centre was designed by Foster + Partners. The mature raised floors, ground air supply systems, and integrated ceiling systems give a suitable foundation for later design as a high-end office building. The end bay has two continuous glass curtain walls, allowing for excellent city views and natural light. The golden aluminum plate on the top is an inward extension of the façade material, which ensures the integrity of the building façade, and also becomes a predetermined preset condition of the interior.
We hope that, like the line+ Hangzhou office, this will be more than just a location to sit at a desk, but a place where designers, owners, and other specialists can connect. As a result, the design must consider how to fit a 30-person exhibition hall, salon, and office into a functional layout of less than 300 square meters, as well as how to minimize the impact of the golden metal plate that cannot be removed on the spatial form.

The design follows the original site plan and divides the space into two areas: office and public. The office area naturally expands along the side of the curtain wall, rendering a bright office atmosphere and a certain degree of privacy. The public area includes the front desk, exhibition hall, conference, reception and other functions.

A centered functional wall in the middle separates the two sections spatially, and a visual contrast of black and white is utilized. The main pathway is organically formed by the displacement of space and perceived separation.

The black wall and floor, along with the bright film system on the ceiling, provide a pristine atmosphere in the public space while also highlighting the exhibition spaces. The latex paint on the wall, the lacquer surface, and the carpet on the ground were particularly selected to achieve the consistency of the presenting effect, taking into account the various lighting circumstances and the differences in the materials.

Movable partitions allow public areas to switch among regular meetings, salons, and exhibitions. This flexibility brings about higher frequency of space utilization.

All auxiliary functions are concentrated on the center wall for space separation in order to optimize the functional area. The water bar, printer, server cabinet, book model display cabinet, and storage functions are all supplied on both sides. The wall provides a degree of separation between the two sections while also enriching the spatial levels.

The viewfinder frame opened on the acute angle side corresponds to the building shape, which not only allows the users in the reception area to enjoy the urban landscape, but also encourages engagement and dialogue across different locations.

The office area, consisting of white office furniture and white carpet, contrasts with the dark color of the public area, maximizing the bright atmosphere created by natural light. The original golden aluminum plate on the top is naturally integrated therefore, and the impact on the interior space is minimized. When employees have landscape workstations on the side of the end windows, they will have a better lunch mood.

Walnut and color-contrasting furniture stand out in the pure environment of black and white, bringing warmth and quality to the space.

Employees conducting meetings and conversations, as well as clients visiting, will all pass between the two spaces on a regular basis. Even if the room is only 300 square meters, the movement of space and colours may provide a rich experience.

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Status: Built
Location: Shanghai, CN
Firm Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Project name: line+ Shanghai office space
Project Location: Noah Wealth Centre, Shanghai
Project area: 290㎡
Design and completion: 2021.03-2021.05
Design firm: line+
Chief Architect: Fanhao Meng, Peidong Zhu
Project leader: Jun Zhu
Design team: Jun Zhu, Li Yang, Sisi Zhang, Limin Qiu
Furniture: Hangzhou Zhikai Furniture, Enjoyspace
Photography: yuuuunstudio