Justin Owens

Justin Owens

Burbank, CA, US


Residential Stage Set

The growing film industry that has developed within Hollywood inspires this project’s design. This housing unit complex was de- signed to be individual stage sets where residents would be able to expand into the neighboring void, dressing up both the exterior and interior with props while reconfiguring its program. The housing units are split in half. Inside one half resides the main essential programs and utilities that humans cannot live without, while the other half is an empty void. These voids are only limited to its con- fining boundaries where the prefabricated framed walls are already in place where residents can clad and design both the interior and exterior. The vertical circulation wraps inside the core and the horizontal circulation wraps around the exterior of the units. The external horizontal bands intersect and connect each unit by interrupting the private space inside all of the void space. Therefore, every private unit has to co-exist with the public circulation that intersects them. This Imposes different interaction to occur where residents are forced to interact with the public in different scenarios. In this design, residents open up their homes in order to sell or display items such as clothing, food, drinks, souvenirs, hand carving and even art all within their home.

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Status: School Project
Location: 2649 N Beachwood Dr., Hollywood, CA
Additional Credits: Berenika Boberska, Professor, Woodbury University