Justin Owens

Justin Owens

Burbank, CA, US


Conversion to Acclimatization (Bio-Marine Research Center)

This bio-marine research laboratory is located in the Virgin Islands on St. Croix. Its design adapts to the many existing conditions
of both its immediate and overall environment. At the bottom of St. Croix is the Hovensa Oil Refinery, which has recently been shut down. The reuse of materials from the refinery becomes crucial to producing an efficient building that works as a sustainable living machine causing minimal impact to its environment. The recycling system focuses on reclaiming old oil piping and repurposing it
as the main structure. The structural piping will assimilate the acropora coral structural and morphology attributes. This technique will help elaborate precise conditions that will embrace the environment (mashrabiya), organize programs and develop a structural design. It also integrates itself with the surroundings acclimatizing the inhabitants through the architecture. In the Salt River Bay the preservation of coral reefs motivates the project to integrate a bio-rock that will serve to revive un-colonized coral reefs. The incorpo- ration of the wetlands will provide a water purification system, through the processing of natural filtration using grey water from the building, which is then recycled multiple times to enhance water efficiency and minimize water waste.

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Status: School Project
Location: Salt River Bay of St. Croix, Virgin Islands
My Role: Justin Owens and Gabriela Colmenares
Additional Credits: Professors: Gerard Smulevich, Woodbury University, [email protected]
Eric Olsen, Woodbury University, [email protected]