Justin Owens

Justin Owens

Burbank, CA, US


Drive In Car Show

The Drive-In Car Show is off the I-80 highway in Salt Lake City, on the Salt Flat deserts of Utah. This proposal suggests a rest stop that exhibits classic race cars and car demonstrations, as well as racing events. As you enter the site, passing under the double skin canopy, you are able to view the outdoor gallery of displayed classic racecars. After driving through the main space, you exit to the back where you can pull into one of the parking spaces. Parking is on a cascading hill allowing cars to view the vast Salt Flats from their parking spots. Car demonstrations are displayed and performed on the flats where parked cars and spectators can then view the events. In the main structure on the ground floor is for vehicular traffic, while the double skinned canopy is for pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians are able to navigate through the different retail shops and food stores on the second floor of the first skin. The second skin suggested programs such as eating tables, viewpoint look outs (towards the car demonstrations or to the art insula- tion across the highway), small private shops, cafes, and areas for relaxation. Pedestrians are then forced to navigate through the double skin in order to reach their desired destination.

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Status: School Project
Location: Salt Flats in Salt Lake City, Utah
Additional Credits: David Freeland, Professor, Woodbury Universtiy