Haeahn Architecture

Haeahn Architecture

Seoul, KR


The Gate Hills Seongbuk

Gate Hills located at Seongbuk-Dong is a gated community housing 12 single-residential homes with breath-taking view of Seoul and the natural landscape including Mt. Bukak. The the natural slope of the site was utilized to provide large private outdoor roof gardens and unobstructed views. It was planned by delicately combining concepts of ‘'Roofscape’', ‘'Borrowed Views’', ‘'Indoor-Outdoor’', and ‘'Interior-Exterior’'. The houses were designed as if they were extruded out from the ground along the south retaining wall. The concept of blurring the boundaries of the site to the building and landscape to building to achieve a well-harmonized building was expressed by extending the exterior finishes into the building to become the interior finish and vice versa. The stone material on the garden terrace allows people to experience the fluid continuity of exterior space to interior space as the material is continued to the living room, the master bedroom and to the 2nd floor outdoor terrace. Additional interior design features include application of natures’' color and texture, using materials such natural stone, wood, and colors like green and tree-like colors.

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Status: Built
Location: Seoul, Korea
Additional Credits: Kim Yongkwan [photographer]