Haeahn Architecture

Haeahn Architecture

Seoul, KR



The scheme for a new office building of Korean Electric which embodies S-park, ‘a burst of light crossing the land’ was de¬signed with a concept called ‘Office in a Park’, not an office generally seen in a city. It was designed as a space where symbolized an energy enterprise in the world as ‘Spec¬tacular Park’, ‘Sustainable Park’, ‘Synergetic Park’, ‘Smart Park’, creative work and wel¬fare space, and ‘Green Energy Park’ provid¬ing citizens to experience the importance of energy were blend in together. The building was designed to be made by nature as a green building with energy reduction and low-carbon. Rust, sun, wind, water and soil were selected and applied among numerous renewable energy sources as this was an eco-friendly structure that energy and re¬sources were not used more than necessary by adapting itself to conditions of nature, not a structure imitating nature. Also the direction of the tower was planned to lean 7.5 degrees from an axis of the east-west according to an analysis on climatic data of the sun and to adapt four elevations with natural environment to minimize the use of energy for meeting optimal natural condi¬tions.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Naju, Korea
Additional Credits: H Architecture