Haeahn Architecture

Haeahn Architecture

Seoul, KR


Centumcity Shinsegae UEC

Centum-city Shinsegye UEC located in Centum-city, Busan adjacent to the sea is a mixed-use shopping mall with various facilities such as department store, spa, ice-rink, multiplex, and sports facilities. An internal and an external axis of a layout were already considered in the master plan that consisted of three development sites. An atrium was designed and arranged to provide visually and spatially an environment friendly open space by way of connecting Suyeong River and a park. The exterior outer wall was designed in a wave-like style to portray the image of Haeundae Sea and formed the overall building to befit the image of Jangsan and Suyeong Bay while emphasizing the image of luxury through high-brightness and low-chroma color palettes. Also a touch of exclusiveness was added by using the ‘Oro Venetiano’ stone, and through dynamic massing, a sense of unity and grandness was achieved. A rich open space and colorful landscape plan was provided through a square connecting the whole of UEC complex. The display of night lights under a theme called “Play of lights” was used to symbolize the building as a landmark and as the largest mixed-use shopping mall in Asia.

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Status: Built
Location: Busan, Korea
Additional Credits: Kim Yongkwan [photographer]