Haeahn Architecture

Haeahn Architecture

Seoul, KR


Seoul Forest Galleria Foret

Galleria Foret design was initiated from the restoration of the urban park called ‘'Seoul Forest’'. ‘'Flow of Nature’' was regarded as an important design motif with people longing the trees, wind, water earth and the nature of Seoul Forest. This is a high-end high-rise mixed-use residential complex located in front of the Seoul Forest, with Han River to the south, Jungrang Stream to the west, and with Mt. Bukan and Mt. Surak in the background, it is a place where residences can truly enjoy nature within the city. It was planned based on strategies to provide open views and high-end urban residential standards. The strategies are as follows. First, the axis of the scenery (Han River - Seoul Forest - Site) was respected by arranging the towers as far apart as possible. A sense of open mass configuration was intended to express the flow of the Han River and the clear glass mass as whispers of the wind. Second, a natural entry into the underground cultural center was induced by placing an oval atrium at a visual level to be seen from the main pathway axis of the Seoul Forest. This not only draws people into the underground performance theater and gallery but also become to be known as the Cultural Icon in Seoul Forest. Third, the block plan consisting three wings provide all residences with three sides open to view. It was especially designed to provide view to Han River and to meet the basic need for rooms to be facing the south. Fourth, terraces were planned at floors 6 and above in the low-rise residences to provide both a sense of connection to ground and dynamic façcade designs.

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Status: Built
Location: Seoul, Korea
Additional Credits: Kim Yongkwan [photographer]