Haeahn Architecture

Haeahn Architecture

Seoul, KR


Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 2 Competiton

The task of creating a world’s best airport in Korea must begin from embodying the characteristics of Korea. Mountainous terrain comprises 70% of the Korean peninsula, and forms, with overlays of mystic air and valleys, a dominant natural scenery of the nation. Haeahn’s design for the new passenger terminal referred to the traditional architecture of Korea which embraced the surrounding topography, mediating rather than dominating between human and nature. Undulating lines of the control tower and piers on the exterior represent the lines of natural movement, and the internal space in the concourse reinterprets the ever-changing rhythm into modern geometry. One of the key considerations in planning was the connection of landside and airside of the terminal. Long piers spread apart from one another, allowing the end of each pier to warrant the most efficient and compact ramp areas. Taxilanes on the north of the terminal were configured to maximize maneuverability of aircrafts in the airside, while on the landside, accessibility of all types of vehicles was successfully achieved. In addition, ample areas in the landside were designated to centrally locate curb-side passenger drop-off, transit center, parking lots and interior retail facilities to enhance passenger convenience. Particularly, the underside of the large-scale green roof by the curb-side accommodates long/short term parking lots, while serving as a node of various means of ground transportation. At the departure level (Level 4), the inside of the terminal was thoroughly planned to optimally introduce natural light with skylights to foster passenger comfort. A large atrium in the middle offers a sense of opening while connecting this level to Level 3, which hosts boarding lounges that are equipped with skylights and well landscaped. The arrival level (Level 2) is configured without floor level changes for the fast and convenient passenger arrival experience, and is visually connected with the departure level above to create a spacious atmosphere with high ceiling that is well-lit with natural lighting.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Incheon, Korea
Additional Credits: KPF, ADPI, Danu Architects & Engineers