Lucía Gómez

Lucía Gómez

Bilbao, ES


Touristic accommodation

At IA+B Studio



Area_9.050 m²

Overall cost of construction_9.175.226 €

Rehabilitation project of a former office building from the 1990s to provide tourist
accommodation. The original volume with its two patios and its contrast of straight lines and curvilinear bodies was respected; no additions were made. The metal facades were maintained, whereas the curtain wall of the entrance volume had to be replaced by a more suitable window-wall disposition that meets the requirements of the new use. All the horizontal glazing along the metal facades also needed to be updated, so as to fulfil the current sustainability standards. The main entrance was modified, where a circular porch was added, and thus, a more suitable access was achieved.

321 lodgings were distributed throughout the existing four storeys above ground, while the semi-basement was devoted to communal spaces.

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Status: Built
Location: San Sebastian, ES
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: IA+B STUDIO: Iñaki Aurrekoetxea, Josep Egea, Ignacio Lumbreras, Fernando Martín, Carmen Montero, Garbiñe Olabarri, Aritz Solchaga, Arkaitz Ugarteburu

DEVELOPER: Doble M Engineering S.L.


COLABORATORS: Miguel Larraburu; STUFIVE S.L.; INARQ Estudio de Aplicaciones de Ingeniería S.L.