Lucía Gómez

Lucía Gómez

Bilbao, ES


Rehabilitation of the theatres Garabia & Pabellón 6

At IA+B Studio

Completion_2023 (estimated)
Area_1.171 m² (Pabellón 6) + 550 m² (Garabia)
Estimated cost of construction_2.000.000€
(Pabellón 6) + 1.000.000 € (Garabia)
Client_Bilbao City Council

Rehabilitation project for two operating theatres in precarious state in Zorrozaurre
district in Bilbao. This area is in full regeneration process, as it was heavily
industrial in the past century. In fact, abandoned remains of those metal industries
that were established there are still visible and have provided the perfect atmosphere to the spark various creative initiatives by mostly young people. One of them was the launch in 2009 of a theatre company called Pabellón 6, which was based in an old derelict industrial pavilion. Due to an astounding success, a
youth theatre company stemmed from the original and occupied an adjacent pavilion called Garabia.

Bilbao City Council purchased both sites in year 2015 in order to restore the pavilions and guarantee all the necessary safety, comfort and accessibility requirements in them. An addition to the main theatre that would hold the backstage private stages was also included in the appointment.
None of the pavilions were protected, because they had no significant architectural
value, except for the fact that they are representative of the industrial building
typology of the past century, with their characteristic saw-tooth profile. An
exhaustive study of the current state of both buildings was carried out with the following outcome: the decision to tear down and fully rebuild Garabia, recreating its original aspect, and the preservation of solely the structure of Pabellón 6, which was in good conditions. For the facade design, a wooden finish was chosen, directly inspired by the existing facade of Garabia. In fact, both pavilions were originally part of a sawmill.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bilbao, ES
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Structural engineering: Inargest S.L.
Installations engineering: Inarq Ingenieros