Lucía Gómez

Lucía Gómez

Bilbao, ES


Kemeri National Park

The following images are part of the submission of the Paul Hogarth company for an international competition for a Multifunctional NatureTourism Centre and the development of the Forest Park design in Kemeri, which was launched by Jurmala City Council.

Having a thriving past as a luxurious holiday and health destination on the Latvian coast but in a current state of depravation, the proposal submitted was conceived as an ambitious catalyst for the regeneration of the whole town of Kemeri. The masterplan is arranged around a central square fronted by the old Bath House and the new proposed Tourism Centre. This building consists of a tower that links to the other existing towers on site, the Water Tower and the Bath House´s chimney, thus creating a landscape of man-made vertical landmarks among the trees in the Forest Park.

Moreover, small architectural features are also spread across the forest  up to the Baltic sea to enhance the walking and exploring experience, as well as offering the opportunity to hold occasional events. A natural play area for children is also provided next to the Tourism Centre, where the wild forest meets the designed landscape. Formally and cromatically, both this main recreational area and the building find their source of inspiration in suplhur crystals, due to the abundance of characteristic sulphur springs across the forest. This was indeed the reason why Kemeri became an important healing destination in the past.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Jurmala, LV
My Role: Architect and urban designer
Additional Credits: _The Paul Hogarth Company (Belfast, UK)
_FCB Studios (Belfast, UK)