2 bar stools

im looking for inexpensive ($150 or less for 2) but nice contemporary bar stools. Can anyone help? Thanks a lot

Nov 4, 04 3:11 pm

Take look at the "zeta" stool is $64.00 per

Nov 4, 04 6:51 pm
Nov 5, 04 3:33 pm

how is a 3,000 dollar couch "design within reach"??

Nov 5, 04 10:20 pm
the righteous fist

you saw it didn't you? what you want to have it too??

Nov 6, 04 10:09 am

because that $3000 couch is probably a lot more expensive. Take the barcelona chairs; DWR is selling them for $2000. Real ones are more like $5000. Real ones are made of stainless steal where DWR sells chromed steel. Its all in the details man.

If you're looking for a contemporary looking bar stool below $150, your best bet is IKEA. I know a lot of people talk crap about them, but its not all bad. They probably have what you are looking for and its probably very inexpensive. I checked all of my bookmarked design furniture stores, good luck if you're trying to find something below $300

Nov 6, 04 11:30 am
Nov 8, 04 1:38 pm

Calligaris makes nice stools - cheap - around 100 bucks gets you a well made piece...Italians... Decent Stuff

Nov 8, 04 2:05 pm
liberty bell

Kai, that's why we refer to it as the "Design Just-Out-Of Reach" catalogue.

Nov 8, 04 2:36 pm

Halifax farm stool, Target, $40 each. I have two and they are very sturdy and comfy. They come in two heights. 

Oct 23, 19 6:32 am

You're an "architect" and if not- you're at least a designer. Design one, or two...

Oct 23, 19 8:14 am
Chad Miller

Those would be some expensive bar stools if an architect from 15 years ago designed them.

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