Bar fridge.

David Brown

My partner and I are remodeling our basement into a bathroom, office and den. We are nearing completion, finally, and are now pitted against each other over a small bar fridge planned to go under a dry bar we have created in the corner.

Without giving away my choice, are these things tacky? Should they be relegated to the dorm room?


May 21, 10 5:46 pm

what's a dry bar? no alcohol or no sink or *shudders* both?

and a bar fridge is not tacky if it's hott (typical stainless steel or custom panel to match cabinets yeah baby!)

May 21, 10 6:00 pm
Distant Unicorn

Probably budget busting but I think small glass door fridges look wonderful in out of place areas.

My only two suggestions would be to go with glass door fridge or match the outside of your fridge to the counter (ie glue veneer to the fridge front and stain it).

It'll look nice with an assortment of colorful transparent liquor, mixer and water bottles. Remove the labels or transfer over to better containers (on club soda, water, soda bottles) for a neater appearance.

May 21, 10 6:08 pm
May 21, 10 7:41 pm

What's the quietest undercounter fridge out there?

May 21, 10 7:55 pm
le bossman

i've always been a big fan of these little babies

May 21, 10 8:04 pm

$1300 for a mini bar fridge?! Thats insane! I think the one I got at Home Depot was well under $200 and it looks fantastic (of course, thats in a dorm room and not a bar). But still. $1300-1600 for a mini fridge is nuts.

Trust me, mini fridges are life savers; how do you plan to make a bar without a place to put the drinks for said bar? We now have 2 at our house (one in the pantry and my dorm one which is now in my bedroom, until I move out again). I cant imagine not having one.

May 21, 10 10:07 pm

Bar fridge : crucial accessory to the kegerator.

May 21, 10 10:18 pm
le bossman

that's not insane. not if the budget for the space is $1300 sf silly.

May 21, 10 10:33 pm

bossman I think you mean $325/sf. A bar fridge is easily 24x24.

Brilliant sketch, abra. Bars should always be decorated to interpret the appearance of drinks.

If it's just a convenient local place to keep beer and soft drinks, a $200 frig or even a dorm fridge is fine. If it is expected to keep wine chilled to exactly the right temp with dual zones for whites, reds, and sparkling, go for the $1300 option.

It's hard to find a good bar fridge that will accept a cabinet front panel, so you'll probably be stuck looking at the bottles through glass - although a much slicker option might be refrigerator drawers.

May 21, 10 11:21 pm
Distant Unicorn

Well, if you want to put a food-related appliance in a non=food related room... it should not form condensation, ice up and ideally should be whisper quiet.,default,pd.html?mtcpromotion=GoogleBase%3EWine_and_Beverage%3EBeverage_Coolers%3ECommercial%3ESCR485L&src=FROOGLE

I think this is my favorite one.

But yeah, a nice glass door mini fridge will run between $300-1500. If you use a dorm room fridge, make sure it doesn't have a freezer. If it does, at least make sure it is frost-free.

De-icing a mini-fridge over carpet (or wood floors) sucks

May 22, 10 12:45 am
le bossman

i don't know why you guys don't like my subzero suggestion. we used one on a house once and THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME

May 22, 10 2:06 am

Do they make those with custom door panels?

May 22, 10 10:25 am

Subzero is awesome, no argument there.

May 22, 10 10:33 am
le bossman

they have a standard metal one or you provide your own

May 22, 10 11:21 am

What's tacky about having cold beverages close at hand? Try Liebherr or Perlick too.

May 22, 10 4:22 pm

Isn't Subzero really noisy?

May 22, 10 4:27 pm
le bossman


May 22, 10 9:27 pm

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